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Kind words from some of our many happy clients

"Synergy and prosper with synergy have been life changing for me. The products have improved my health in ways I never imagined. Far surpassing this is the personal support I received from Helen. A lady who truly cares about everyone she meets. Thank you prosper with synergy."

- Nathan B

"I have been using these products for two years and am so pleased with the results. ProArgi-9 has my, once debilitating, menopausal symptoms almost totally under control. I now have the occasional hot flush as opposed to several every day and sometimes every hour. The tiredness and heavy limbs that went with those hot flushes have gone completely. If I stop using ProArgi-9 the symptoms return within 2 days and then take another 2 to get back under control. The benefits of Mistify and Phytolife are more subtle and took longer to have an obvious effect. My skin and hair look better, my immune system seems better and best of all people tell me how well I look! I have had one cold in two years as opposed to two or three each year. It feels good to know that taking these products is helping to take care of my health in both the short and long term. Highly recommend Synergy and would encourage anyone to give them a go. What have you got to lose."

- Anne F

"I was introduced to Synergy by the lovely Helen Prosper. I ordered pro argi-9+ phytolife and mistify. They were all very pleasant to take and I found that the phytolife and pro argi9+ worked well for my gut and well being. I am still using pro argi9+ It is a good healthy way to get the nutrients you need if your diet does not contain enough fruit and veg."

- Lana T

"The Synergy products that I have been using for four years are ground breaking. Pro-Argi9+ has improved my health beyond belief : based on Nobel Prize Winning science, it is a plant based amino acid that can prevent cardiovascular disease and reverse existing vascular problems. I feel confident taking it because of the up to date research evidence available. Above all I like the customer care and health promotion provided. "

- Kathleen W

"My husband and I have been usin Synrgy for the last 10 months. We generally feel better for it and our recent health checks showed reduced cholesterol levels in both of us. Helen is a great agent always on the end of the phone and happy to help or offer advice when needed. We are very happy customers. "

- Steph D

"I've been taking proargi-9 for over a year. I started taking it as an experiment to see if it would lower my cholestrol. I had a cholestrol test done at my Dr.s on day one of taking the supplemrent and again three months later also at the Dr.s to make sure it would be accurate. There is a month money back guarantee with this Synergy product so I wanted to test it properly. During this time I kept diet and lifestyle the same it always had been. I was really amazed that my cholesterol overall had dropped by15% after three months. Needless to say, I'm continuing to take it. I have always found Helen Prosper friendly and informative and I've been really grateful for help and advice."

- Bean D

"I have been using the Synergy v3 system since July 2016. I can feel a real difference to my health & well being. It has had the side benefit of encouraging me to be more health conscious all round. Helen is an inspiring person and offers fabulous customer service. Highly recommend Helen & Synergy products. "

- D Meida

"Helen Prosper is one of the most caring as well as informative people I know about the amazing Synergy products. My particular favourite is Mistify, which is full to the brim of antioxidants; tastes fantastic and helps to maintain my energy levels. I take it when I feel I need it and am feeling fabulous as a result! Thank you."

- Emily M

Helen Prosper

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