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Business Testimonials

Kind words from some of our many happy clients

"Helen Prosper is passionate about her business, her team and her customers. She cares that all in her network are able to make informed choices so as to ensure physical and mental well being. This hardworking , knowledgeable business owner."

- Sue P

"Helen Prosper is a caring, thoughtful and honourable women who runs her business in a highly ethical manner. She is passionate in her belief of the products that she promotes.. She takes time to see the inner person she is dealing with and always has their best interests at heart."

- Janice G

"The Synergy products are truly amazing and have changed my health and the way I feel so much for the better since I first started taking them 3 years ago. Embarking on this journey to better health with Helen at your side, supporting and encouraging you, is the most positive change you could make in your life. Helen is a beautiful soul, through and through. Her kindness and generosity of spirit, coupled with her great knowledge on so many different levels of wellbeing, make her the ideal partner in your journey to Elite Health."

- Nichola K

"Helen is an amazingly helpful person. Her strong ethics and professionalism shine through her business. I love the products she promotes and feel grateful for the impact they have had on my health. Thank you and wish Prosper with Synergy continued success."

- Julie K

"Helen's belief and inspirational stories about the success of Synergy Products helped me to find our more about them. She has helped me feel better in myself, more energised and motivated. I feel like I am achieving projects that I have been putting off for far too long. A big thank you to Helen for making such a difference."

- Nicky J

"I have not known Helen Prosper for more than a few months. But I can honestly say, she is a person of integrity, and an excellent representative for Synergy. She has always, without fail, being on the end of the phone to answer all of my questions about her product. If she does not have up to date answers, she will do the research and get back to me promptly. She is very knowledgeable about the Synergy product. She keeps things simple. Lastly, Helen has the appearance of a healthy, slim person which as a rep of a state of the arc Health product is essential."

- Marion W

"Helen's wish is to do the very best for people and their health and that includes recommending these high quality Synergy products for her clients- everything she does is heartfelt and the results she has had with the products speak for themselves."

- Alison J

"I have always found Helen to be enthusiastic, positive, and passionate in her business."

- Chris C

Helen Prosper

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