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Business Testimonials

Kind words from some of our many happy clients

"Helen is a kind, passionate lovely lady whom cares passionately about people and there health. Considerably knowledgeable about all the Synergy products, look no further talk to Helen."

- Marie S

"The passion of the personal and their total commitment to improving other peoples Lives, not only health but well being also, Onward and upwards. Prospering all the way."

- Graham S

"Helen is an ambassador for synergy and loves and breathes it with such enthusiasm. She is one of the people that inspired me to join the team. I highly recommend her and the synergy products to help you to achieve the best version of yourself."

- Susan K

"Professional knowledgeable, grade A products, sound ethos. Helping others make the most of their health is five star in my book!"

- Faye S

"Having had the pleasure of working with Helen for the past 4 years, I have come to learn that Helen is deeply passionate about helping people unlock their full potential for health, no matter what stage of life or health they are at. A true people person and a very inspirational lady."

- Kim B

"I have known Helen, through her Synergy business, for some years now - she is driven and passionate about helping people - through her dedication to supplying the best elite health products, as well as taking time to talk about how change is more than a product, it is about the entire ecosystem - including people. I have no hesitation in recommending Helen and I wish her all the best for the future."

- Simon B

"Highly recommend sitting down with Helen for a chat about how Synergy can help. She is full of advice and tips and no pressure is put on you to buy unless you are 100% comfortable with what you are doing. She was really helpful in finding out ingredients for a friend with cancer to ensure nothing compromised her treatment. A great product too which will leave you feeling so much healthier."

- Sarah DL

"Great to have made contact with Helen at Prosper with Synergy. Very helpful with information and always a happy voice to speak to on the phone. Even without Synergy it is just good to chat. Synergy product is working as well."

- Laurie

Helen Prosper

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