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Kind words from some of our many happy clients

"Have just finished a week of detox. Before I started I took advice from the Synergy members on the best way forward and found the information very helpful. I was sceptical to start with as like many things it sounds to good to be true. Now I have many joint problems, broken and worn out bits due to a very physical job and this was getting worse so I consulted the nhs professionals who tested for everything including ear wax I think and found nothing. So hence the detox I am now a week after and have no joint pain and seem to be full of energy. One good thing about the detox is it confirms you are what you eat. So thank you to Helen and Nathan for opening this road up for me and being there all the way through it. Viv"

- Viv S

"Helen Prosper, I met almost two years ago and I was going through some massive changes at the time so in as much as I loved what she does I couldn't take on synergy. Well well well, I did the purify programme a few weeks ago and I must tell you, I haven't felt this way in ages: I feel revived, settled within and outwardly, mind is so clear, I can feel the air with in me so clear, CLARITY is the word for me. Loosing weight wasn't the agenda for me but it would be nice to and I did loose some weight. No more cravings. Also whilst I was on the 3 to 4 week purify programme, I was given so much guidance it was unbelievable. Thank you Helen Prosper, Thank you Synergy. . . Forgot to mention and it is good at this stage to mention this I had stroke through my autoimmune symptoms 3 years ago, so I have been fed with all sorts of heavy strong drugs and to have done this has been the most rewarding thing ever. Best EVER!!! I have got lots of marvellous things to say but would leave it here."

- Tinu D

"Proargi is the best! Helen offers great services and great products to feel better. The ProArgi she recommends helped me feel better and take my health to a super positive state. Thank you Helen Prosper!"

- I Natali

"I have been using the Synergy products for two weeks and are now beginning to see the results I feel alive with much more energy and purpose to get up and go My sleeping patterns are more stable and my sugar levels are gradually coming down which I have tried to achieve without success for 3 years using metformin being a type two Diabetic . I am a very happy customer and loved the way Helen Prosper originally showed me the product and explained how it worked without selling it too me . Her passion and motivation to change me and other people's lives is amazing I would recommend Helen to talk to any of my friends, family and business colleagues with the upmost trust and confidence Helen has certainly made a difference to my life."

- Kevin W

"Helen is really knowledgeable lady, with great products, ProAgi 9+in particular which has helped lower my blood pressure considerably. I cant recommend her enough."

- James N

"I was introduced to Pro-argi by a friend who thought it could help me to lower my cholesterol and improve my general health. As I am a very sceptical person and don't have money to throw away, I was not at all enthusiastic about trying it, but decided to give it a shot for just 3 months to see if I noticed any improvement. To be honest, I did not expect anything much at all, but after taking Pro-argi once a day for 3 months I did notice my chronic back pain had eased quite a bit and I was feeling better in general. I will continue using Pro-argi, as now after about 3 years of taking it, I rarely have any back problems, my cholesterol levels are normal and I feel great. So, thanks a million Helen. Best wishes."

- Lambaire Calis

"Prosper with synergy can change your life for the good just like it did mine. The products are amazing and Helen is an inspiration. Honestly, give her a ring and open your way to good health and happiness, you won't regret it."

- Jane R

"I've only been on P9 for just under 2 months, within 3 -4 weeks the mild arthritis in both hands, my wrist and right hip have disappeared and the more serious arthritic pain in my left hip is no more than a niggle every now and then. My asthma is clearing up, I find I need my inhaler less and less and my breathing is so much better. A major difference is that my energy levels are way up, I get so much more done in a day than I used to. I used to drag myself out of bed every morning after just 5 - 6 hours feeling as though I hadn't had any sleep, now I sleep soundly for a good 7 - 8 hours and bounce out of bed full of energy and raring to go. P9 feels like a miracle, I feel 10 years younger!"

- A Gregory

Helen Prosper

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