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Kind words from some of our many happy clients

"I've been taking proargi-9 for over a year. I started taking it as an experiment to see if it would lower my cholestrol. I had a cholestrol test done at my Dr.s on day one of taking the supplemrent and again three months later also at the Dr.s to make sure it would be accurate. There is a month money back guarantee with this Synergy product so I wanted to test it properly. During this time I kept diet and lifestyle the same it always had been. I was really amazed that my cholesterol overall had dropped by15% after three months. Needless to say, I'm continuing to take it. I have always found Helen Prosper friendly and informative and I've been really grateful for help and advice."

- Bean D

"I have been using the Synergy v3 system since July 2016. I can feel a real difference to my health & well being. It has had the side benefit of encouraging me to be more health conscious all round. Helen is an inspiring person and offers fabulous customer service. Highly recommend Helen & Synergy products. "

- D Meida

"Helen Prosper is one of the most caring as well as informative people I know about the amazing Synergy products. My particular favourite is Mistify, which is full to the brim of antioxidants; tastes fantastic and helps to maintain my energy levels. I take it when I feel I need it and am feeling fabulous as a result! Thank you."

- Emily M

"I have been taking Proargi, Phytolife, and Mystify for just about a year now. my blood pressure is back to normal and my cholesterol is down from 5.6 to five! My general blood health is now excellent. I also use e9 for energy when i have busy days, it really does lift the energy levels, this is a great product and Synergy is a great company."

- Mark H

"Helen Prosper is passionate about her business and this shows. I'm very pleased with the results. I have been taking Pro- Argi 9 for about 4 months and I'm amazed at how much better I feel. I have more energy and my thinking is much clearer and I feel much more alert. I can highly recommend Helen Prosper and her team. They have been very good at keeping in touch with me to monitor progress and answer any questions. Thanks to Helen for recommending this product to me."

- Joanna B

"Last month I invested in the Microbiome kit from Helen. It's an amazing cleanse and really easy to incorporate in to every day life. Just healthy eating, no fasting, no major changes. The shakes are pleasant enough and easy to take. For the first two days I had a major detox headache which I wasn't expecting as I eat very cleanly anyway. On the third day I developed those pre cold feelings..scratchy throat, muzzy head, achy joints. Again I wasn't expecting these second evel detox symptoms. By the evening they were gone. No cold appeared. After that it was plain sailing with increased energy levels and noticeably better mental clarity. I loved it! This detox works gently and easily and a deeper level than your usual programme. Oh..and I lost 4lbs in seven days! Always a bonus. Helen is lovely and there if you need her. Highly recommend the whole experience."

- F Pitcher

"Hi - so after completing the 21 day Microbiome diet the results were as follows - lost a stone in weight, 2 inches off my waist and lots of fat under my chin and face. My sleep was pretty much the same but all my cravings for sugar and carbs are gone. Even 28 days later I have continued with clean eating and my cravings for sugar and processed food are no longer. I wholeheartedly recommend this cleanse."

- D Strom

"My detox was very successful on both a physical and mental level. The products were very pleasant and easy to take. The side effects were minimal and easy to handle. The results were as follows; a small loss of weight, a good effect on the digestive system and a feeling of being stronger both physically and mentally and also just more positive. I found having Helen's support very helpful and knowing she was there was a bonus. I would certainly recommend the whole detox to anyone and also the other 3 supplements Mystify. Pro Argi9+ and Phytolife as a maintenance support. The detox would be a big help for continued good health by taking it 4 times a year, Spring , Summer, Autumn and Winter. Anyone taking the supplements can be assured of the highest quality."

- P Whippy

Helen Prosper

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