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Kind words from some of our many happy clients

"Helen is very knowledgeable and always on hand to answer any questions or find out information. The products are equally as brilliant - since taking the ProArgi9, I no longer wake up with excruciating back pain every morning and my energy levels have risen considerably!"

- Dee N

"A fantastic product that I enjoy taking every day. It tastes good, but more importantly I like that it is based on science and does what it says it does. I have found it has helped enormously with my poor circulation. I used to get such cold hands that were very pale and people commented on them, i don't have this anymore and the only things thats changed is taking Synergy’s Pro Arginine, which I bought from Helen Prosper. This has been a fantastic company to deal with, always sending me the product very quickly as well as being generous with time on the phone explaining how the products work. I highly recommend as a reliable business that has a lot of integrity, and the product which is full of amazing vitamins. I have also recommended the product to some of my friends and they are all very happy and surprised with how effective it is." Natasha Prosper with Synergy has made a huge difference to my general sense of wellbeing. Modern life can be stressful and hectic, taking a real toll on your body's ability to function efficiently. Synergy targets the common deficiencies in your nutritional Intake, resulting in increased energy and vitality. Try it!"

- Caroline R

"I have found something which can reduce my symptoms of the menopause and is tailor made to suit me and my health. I have felt so much better and am so grateful for the support and advice."

- Kate O

"I love that everyone cares so much, I love the integrity and the science and how much my life and relationships have improved these last 7 months. Clichéd as it sounds, synergy has changed my life."

- Karla B

"After struggling with long term fatigue and health issues after prolonged bouts of illness I had all but given up hope in finding anything natural and properly researched that would actually help. I was then introduced to Synergy Worldwide and their products. Sceptical yes, but within days of trying the V3 system I felt like a switch and been flipped, my energy returned, I slept better. My skin, hair, were visibly healthier and stronger. I no longer struggled to get through the day and my memory and focus had improved! A year on and my varicose veins have continued to improve, menstruation, physical ability, I could go on and on. The ethics and clinical research of Synergy are second to none and I am so thankful to have been introduced to Synergy's health systems. Helen shines a light in the darkness for those needing support and guidance to regain their zest and health."

- Anita L

"Synergy products have literally changed my life for the better! I have much more energy than I have had for years and have a general feeling of improved wellbeing. Helen is such a caring, knowledgeable and informative mentor who will always go the extra mile to help any of her clients. With a 90 day money back guarantee, what have you to lose?!"

- Jackie H

"When I first met Helen, about a year ago, I was drawn to her, she is so vibrant and energetic, I thought I must have some of what she's on. I explained that I was so tired and lacking in energy all of the time, due to my under-active thyroid and she recommended I try ProArgi-9+ and I haven't looked back since. I have much more energy and I feel so well. Both Helen and the Synergy products are amazing and I would strongly recommend them both to you."

- Lorraine B

"I'm a huge advocate of the Synergy products, I've had long term health problems, and they've very much helped me, my consultant is amazed by some of my improvements and says 'whatever you're doing keep doing it'! Consequently I've also recommended the products to friends and family who are also experiencing various benefits from them of their own. ( when you've used these products it's a crime not to tell others!!). Helen is one of the most generous, warm and sincere people i have ever met is, she is passionate in her approach and very well informed about the synergy products, and how they may help each person individually, she really does just want to help others towards better health. I Highly recommend to everyone not familiar with Synergy Worldwide to find out more, the info evenings are brilliant to attend."

- Alison M

Helen Prosper

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