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Business Testimonials

Kind words from some of our many happy clients

"I cannot thank Helen enough for introducing me to the Synergy products. They have all made a huge difference to my health and well-being. Helen is a great advocacy for these products and the thing that makes her special is that she really does care about her clients. I know I will continue taking all the products throughout my life. Thank you Helen."

- Caroline G

"The fact that Helen trained originally in full body and baby massage whilst working as a play specialist at Great Ormond Street Hospital speaks volumes. She is one of the most genuine, gentle and caring people I have ever met. Synergy are extremely fortunate to have her backing their products which I’m sure she would never do had they not been clinically proven. Such is her integrity. Her commitment to continued study of and qualification in the field of massage is inspiring. Her passion for a healthier and more compassionate world shine through everything she does and says which makes her an inspiring speaker. Would there were more of her in all our lives. Prosper and Synergy would seem to be a perfect synergistic partnership."

- Christine K

"Helen is so knowledgeable and caring and the nutritional supplements she suggests, from Synergy Worldwide, are brilliant as they are scientifically proven and even have associated clinical trials to check out. So here is a business run by an extremely lovely 'credible' lady, who ensures she will only recommend supplements that add equal credibility to her own professionalism - thank you Helen for all the people you are helping."

- Marion C

"Prosper with Synergy is run by Helen Prosper who is a living, glowing example of the benefits of Synergy products. She shows such care for and commitment to her customers. It's always a pleasure!"

- Frances L

"Helen is one of those inspiring people, who through their business "Prosper with Synergy" is able to reach out and help people from all walks of life with health and wealth."

- Yvette T

"We absolutely love Helen's approach to health and wellness. She is welcoming, fit, radiant and knowledgeable. I particularly love her short videos explaining the benefits of the products. Loving Synergy and highly recommend connecting with Helen to find out more."

- Mathilde B

"Helen is amazing! She is always available for help and advise on the excellent products she promotes and sells. Many of my family have benefited from Synergy products and I thanks her with all my heart for making me aware of them in the first place. She deserves 5 stars because she is the epitome of customer service and her products are unquestionably first class. Long may she Prosper!"

- Michael L

"I have been happily supplied products from Helen Prosper for a number of years now and found her very helpful and obliging. Nothing has been too much trouble and she has been very informative of the different products she has. They have worked wonders for me and I look forward to a long and happy working relationship with Helen."

- Ian A

Helen Prosper

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