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Prosper with Scientifically Proven Nutritional Supplements
Achieve Elite Health.

Looking for better health and wellbeing?
Are you struggling with your health? Perhaps you have fatigue, weight issues, poor circulation, diabetes, aches or pains, high blood pressure, headaches, IBS, or problems with your immune system for example. Are you frustrated at the lack of help, advice and effective treatment available? Maybe you’re looking for a natural solution?
Or are you perhaps just looking for a nutritional supplement with many health benefits which will keep you in the best possible health, and support you through any sporting challenges and the rigours of a busy lifestyle?
A new approach
If so, you're in the right place. It’s no secret that lifestyle, diet and agricultural practices have had a major impact on nutrition and consequently on global wellbeing and health over the last few decades. The result is that many of us are suffering (and many more will suffer) from ongoing, uncomfortable and potentially very serious health issues.
Synergy products are high quality, natural health supplements designed to tackle these issues. And they’re taking the world’s health by storm. Backed by decades of dedicated research and evidence, the Synergy products can have a startlingly beneficial impact on your health and wellbeing. I know, because I’ve been there and experienced it first-hand.
Synergy Worldwide was founded in 1999 with a vision to help others leave a legacy, based on the principles of integrity, quality and stability. Founder Dan Higginson chose the name Synergy, because it represents how by coming together, we’re stronger than as individuals. Dan’s ambitious aim was to have a company that helped “people everywhere attain better health, grow more prosperous, and support communities in need”. As a result, today, you’ll find Synergy Worldwide in over 28 countries and it continues to grow. The company prides itself on its ethical status and its scientifically validated work. 

Prosper with Synergy is a health and wellness business based on an ethos of integrity and service.
Synergyworld wide's clinically proven natural supplements give the body the nutrition it needs so it can heal and repair to regain and maintain the best health possible. Synergy's supplements enable people to feel ever better so they can do more, be more and enjoy life with maximum energy.
The supplements make a difference to; those with health problems, those who are interested in maintaining great health and prevention and to top professional athletes looking for that extra edge. 
I aim to share information about these supplements with as many people as possible so they not only know about the products but also understand exactly how and why they are positively impacting so many people's health and sense of well being.
Prosper with Synergy's mission is to support as many people as possible towards better health by also inspiring and supporting ethical people who wish to make a difference not only to themselves but also to others. By joining either the 'Prosper with Synergy' Team or Prosperwith.Helo.life together we can make a real difference not only to our own lives but the lives of others too.




Synergy Products & Nutritional Supplements

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Synergy Worldwide Corporate Awards Include:

Dunn & Bradstreet: 8th in “Top 100 Hottest Growing Businesses”

Forbes: “Top 100 Best Companies”

Nutritional Outlook: “Number 1 Nutraceutical Manufacturer in the U.S.”

Business Ethics: “4th Most Ethical Company”

Wall Street Journal: “6th Best Direct Selling Opportunity”

Forbes: Top 100 Most Trustworthy Companies (they are currently still the only network marketing company to ever be listed)


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