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SLM Smart

SLM Smart Synergy meal replacement shake. Weight management with an IQ

This delicious vanilla shake, based on 12 years of research at Harvard University, is packed with high quality ingredients that are designed to help you reach and maintain your target weight. Whether you are looking for a body transformation or just some good nutrition that can help you maintain your current weight, there is a SLM Smart plan that can guide you to a healthier life. Prosper with Synergy offers the SLM Smart plans in East Sussex, mainly in Hastings, Eastbourne, Brighton, Uckfield and Lewes, West Sussex, kent and throughout the UK.

Simply substitute breakfast with the SLM Smart shake to ignite an energy-yielding metabolism and satisfy your morning cravings. Substituting two daily meals with meal replacements contributes to weight loss.

As an easy cost effective way of keeping you nutritionally satisfied throughout the day. SLM smart is also the perfect meal for busy people on the go and for sports people needing additional high quality nutrition.

Taking E9 together with this product will boost results as E9 helps to normalise metabolism which through age and years of dieting may be compromised.

Ingredients include

26gram of high quality proteins (casein, whey and soy)
23 essential vits and minerals including: calcium, iron, a blend of B vitamins
Accounts for 1/3 of daily nutrition needs.

Benefits include

A healthy and effective weght loss programme.
A time released blend of proteins which aid in supporting muscle growth.
Keeps the body feeling full and nutritionally satisfied for hours.
A blend of carbohydrates and fat which together allow energy to be released at different times.
An economical, quick and easy way to get a third of your daily nutrients. Prevents tissue break down during muscle work outs.

As a meal on the go

"SLM Smart has become my economical, quick, nutritious daily lunch on the 'go' which keeps me full and energised through out the day. I love it". -Helen Prosper

As a sports supplement

Whilst running the Marathon de Sables a 251km race in the Sahara desert Greg used two servings of SLM Smart per day: one for breakfast and one as a post run drink to replete protein and it showed in the rankings. "While everybody's speed dwindled day after day, I was able to maintain mine. As a consequence, after having been placed 400th in the first stage, I came 236 in the long (92km) fifth stage without going any faster than on day one. For ultra endurance training and racing, think SLM, it will take you a long way". -Greg

For weight loss join the SLM Smart challenge... Currently the men are beating the ladies!

Contact me if you would like a helping hand along the way.

"I have lost 14lbs in one month with out even trying! I feel fantastic, full of energy, my skin is clear, my hair and nails are strong and growing so fast AND my skinny jeans are over my thighs!" -Jamie

"I have lost 10lbs and 10 inches, 5 from the waist, in one month." -Anne

As an alternative to skipping breakfast "Having always skipped breakfast I am thrilled to have found SLM smart. My weight has stayed the same but I feel stronger, calmer, energised and effortlessly positive." -Anna Ray

For more information on how to take this product to ensure you get the results that you are looking for please do contact me. Prosper with Synergy offer SLM Smart plans and our other nutritional products throughout East Sussex, Eastbourne, Hastings, Lewes, Brighton and Uckfield, West Sussex, Kent and the UK.

"SLM Smart is a delicious 'meal' in a bottle that I have every morning for my breakfast. I have never been a morning person and struggle to eat so by the time it is 11.00pm I am hunting for the cakes! Slm smart has been the perfect solution, it keeps me full and feeling well until  lunch time. I no longer crave sugary snacks and have consequently lost some weight too."

Alison M

Helen Prosper

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