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Sports Testimonials

Kind Words From Some Of Our Many Happy Clients

"I to had to give up playing golf 6 years ago because I had constant pain in my back and my knee joint and that pain followed me everywhere until about 5 months ago when I found Prosper with Synergy and their wonderful V3 products. Today I am pain free and enjoying life again."

- Martin D

"I discovered Synergy products this year, and was impressed and drawn to the products based on what I had read about the health benefits. The fact people involved in Ultra Challenges were taking the products intrigued me, and as I was undertaking a 100km walk in May, I began taking E9 to boost my performance. In July, I began taking Pro Argi 9 and Phytolife. It took me 6-8 weeks before I could really begin to feel the benefits. I have been keeping up my exercise routine post Ultra Challenge, mainly in preparation for Notting Hill Carnival. I wanted to feel great for the 2 days being part of my Mas band, so on both mornings of Carnival I took E9 as well as my usual Pro Argi 9, to make sure I had good energy levels. Over the two days, I walked and danced for 50km and had the best time. I can definitely feel the benefits of the Pro Argi 9 now and am continuing my health journey with a real spring in my step! A big thanks to Helen of Prosper with Synergy for introducing me to Synergy Products."

- M O'Brian

Helen Prosper

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