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Sports Supplements

Sports Supplements for Athletes

ProArgi-9 has been described as the "Breakthrough product of the century" Source: Success Magazine.

Our sports supplement product has been approved for use at the FA Premiership, the Olympics, WPF power lifting events, European and US Golf Tour, and the NFL.

If you would like to get your hands on ProArgi-9, please contact Helen, who works throughout East Sussex including in Eastbourne, Hastings, Uckfield, Lewes and Brighton, Sussex, Kent and the UK.

Many top sportsmen and women are now using Synergy's sports supplements products to maintain optimum health and enhance their performance.

Synergy Worldwide are now the official sponsors of the IAM professional Swiss cycling team.


“I used the Synergy products while recovering from an injury – it shortened the recovery and I could get back quicker than expected.”
– Roger Kluge, Pro Cyclist IAM Cycling

“Building – sustaining – enhancing are what we are looking for when we train. With the Synergy V3 products, we can reach these three goals.”
– Matteo Pelucchi, Pro Cyclist IAM Cycling

“I am under constant pressure – physically and mentally. Being able to keep a balance is crucial for my performances. I reach this balance thanks to Synergy's products.”
– Aleksejs Saramotins, Pro Cyclist IAM Cycling

Benefits of ProArgi-9 Plus for Athletes Include


Optimal blood circulation, ensuring the speedy distribution of nutrients and oxygen to the cells and muscles.
Increased lean muscle mass.
Reduction in body fat.
Increase in peak oxygen volume, exercise capacity and resistance.
Increased endurance.
Enhancement of performance by up to 15%.
Reduced lactic acid build up.
Reduced recovery times and reduced DOMS.
Better regulation of salt in the body.
Improved bone density.
Improved insulin production, making for more efficient glucose metabolism.
Stimulation of the pituitary gland, so naturally supporting the production of Human Growth hormone.
Lasts 24/36 hours in the body.

Dosage for athletes


There are only two times in the day when HGH is produced in the body, during intense exercise and during deep sleep.

Athletes should take two servings at bedtime and an optional 1-2 servings 30 minutes prior to intense exercise on an empty stomach.

Benefits of E9 for Athletes Include


Long-lasting, healthy energy with a unique low calorie formulation
Support for cardiovascular health (with L-Arginine)
Enhanced mental and physical energy levels
Maintained alertness and improved cognitive capacity
Increased physical performance
Support for the body's natural ability to produce energy

Benefits of Phytolife for Athletes Include


Maintaining alkalinity, essential if the body is to heal quickly.
Increases the production of healthy blood cells, so improving the efficiency of oxygen transport.
Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits.
Supports the digestive system and regulation of the bowel.
Provision of a rapid method of delivery for magnesium, vitamin K, vitamin C, folic acid, iron, calcium and protein.
Detoxification of all organs.
Rebuilding of cells and tissues.

Benefits of Mistify for Athletes Include


Protection against harmful free radicals (proven to reduce free radical damage in the body by 43% in three weeks).
Enhancement of mental focus.
Support for the immune system.
Promotion of vigour and energy.
Help in supporting cardiovascular and digestive tract health.
Natural anti-inflammatory properties.
Natural pain-suppressant properties.

Benefits of SLM Smart for athletes Include


The prevention of tissue breakdown during muscle work-outs.
A time-released protein blend of whey, soy and casein, which aids in supporting muscle growth.
A satisfyingly 'full' feeling for hours.
A blend of carbohydrates and fat which together allow energy to be released at different times.
Healthy carbohydrates that help support glycogen levels.
A time-efficient meal/ extra nutrition which gives the body 1/3rd of its required daily nutrients.

Together SLM SMart and E9 give the body the extra energy and protein based nutrition that is required for lasting performance.

Are you interested to gain benefits from sports supplements? Please contact Prosper with Synergy for more information. Helen works throughout Sussex including Eastbourne, Hastings, Uckfield, Brighton and Lewes, West Sussex, Kent and other areas in the UK.

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