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Sports Testimonials

Kind words from some of our many happy clients

"E9 from Synergy has been an amazing find. I was after something that would boost my energy but not involve loads of chemicals. I researched quite abit about E9 and actually it seemed safe and certainly boosts my energy. I tend to take one before an exercise class as generally I feel tired after work. It gives me enough Boost to make the most of a class."

- A Burke

"Helen has really helped me with my marathon training. My recovery is so much quicker and my pace is getting faster! I love the runners cocktail she suggested."

- Kim S

"With the support of Helen and her guidance with the synergy products my stamina and fitness in sport has improved immensely. Thanks."

- Helen J B

"Helen has been very helpful with Synergy E9 drink supplement for sports and activities. My son is a young competitive table tennis player and I do not go for all the 'sugary sports drinks' or the high caffeine drinks that youngsters see as sporting help for maintaining energy. I took a more scientific (responsible) approach and Helen provided lots of tech and supporting links. I'm therefore happy that my son uses E9 with his table tennis... and no bad stomachs or headaches and deflated energy at the end of the day. The only thing He asks is don't tell my competitors. It also keeps him energised for long stints of guitar practice and 45 minute live playing. Thanks for Your help Helen. Cheers."

- Neil K

"What I love about Helen Prosper is her beautiful soul and her passion for wellness. Helen really cares about us as humans living a long and healthy life. When i was doing a running challenge for charity I had some of the Synergy products to help me revive after my run and gave me much more stamina for the run. I'm really please with the results of the products and so happy to be one of Helen's customers. I highly recommend a consultation with Helen for any of your health needs."

- Jennifer BW

"Having had a dodgy knee (arthritis) for many years and then being told to stop playing cricket, I looked for other options and came across Helen Prosper and the Synergy product suite! Well, it took a while (maybe 4 months) to have any effect, but now I'm back playing cricket and feeling a load better / healthier! I have also not had a bad cold since taking the "V3" .....amongst many other health benefits."

- Richard W

"I to had to give up playing golf 6 years ago because I had constant pain in my back and my knee joint and that pain followed me everywhere until about 5 months ago when I found Prosper with Synergy and their wonderful V3 products. Today I am pain free and enjoying life again."

- Martin D

"I discovered Synergy products this year, and was impressed and drawn to the products based on what I had read about the health benefits. The fact people involved in Ultra Challenges were taking the products intrigued me, and as I was undertaking a 100km walk in May, I began taking E9 to boost my performance. In July, I began taking Pro Argi 9 and Phytolife. It took me 6-8 weeks before I could really begin to feel the benefits. I have been keeping up my exercise routine post Ultra Challenge, mainly in preparation for Notting Hill Carnival. I wanted to feel great for the 2 days being part of my Mas band, so on both mornings of Carnival I took E9 as well as my usual Pro Argi 9, to make sure I had good energy levels. Over the two days, I walked and danced for 50km and had the best time. I can definitely feel the benefits of the Pro Argi 9 now and am continuing my health journey with a real spring in my step! A big thanks to Helen of Prosper with Synergy for introducing me to Synergy Products."

- M O'Brian

Helen Prosper

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