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Dancer uses Synergy products to support her training

02 Oct 18

At 21, Synergy team member, Harriet Rautio, uprooted her life in Sweden where she had been attending dance school to move to New York City and take her dance training to a new level.

Though she moved far away from her family and home, Harriet was excited to make the Broadway Dance Center her new home.

“I love the feeling I get when I dance,” Harriet said. “There is nothing like going into an empty studio by yourself, turning on the music that inspires you, and losing yourself in movement.”

While a life of eating, breathing and dreaming dance can be draining, to say the least, Harriet has found a way to endure through the ever-present muscle fatigue and make the most of every class or training. By taking ProArgi-9+ and E9 before these workouts, Harriet has found that even her most demanding days are manageable. Not only has her physical performance bben enhanced, her alertness has intensified.

“Dancing is much more physically demanding than some may think it is,” Harriet said. “I have to make sure that I don’t get injured. It’s easy to pull muscles if you don’t warm up correctly and it’s just as easy to exhaust your body by not giving it the right nutrition.”

She started using SLM Smart meal replacement in October 2014.  For Harriet, SLM Smart has become the perfect recovery drink after a day of pirouettes and pliés.

“I love sharing Synergy products with those who I know can benefit from them,” Harriet said. “I know there are a lot of people, including dancers, who are looking for the kinds of results that I’ve found with these products.”

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