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Protect your heart, protect your health

13 Feb 19

Protect Your Heart, Protect Your Health With Pro Argi-9+

If you want to improve, support or protect your cardiovascular health using a supplement then ProArgi-9+ can help you do this.  
ProArgi-9+ is a natural product backed by 1998 Nobel Prize winning science and was formulated in collaboration with leading L-arginine researchers and cardiovascular specialists.
For the 8th year running, following independent testing, Pro Argi-9+ remains in 'The Physicians Desk Reference' (USA medical book)  stating that “ProArgi-9+ is the highest quality l-arginine supplement in the world.”  Following clinical trials ProArgi-9+ is recommended not only for its positive influence on cardio vascular health but also for its many other health benefits too.

Pro Argi9+ improves our circulation by supporting the body to make more Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is one of the smallest molecules in the human body, but like oxygen, it plays an extraordinarily important role for maintaining a healthy life.
We generally make plenty of Nitric Oxide till the age of thirty and then we make less and less. When Nitric Oxide is made in the blood vessels it helps to dissolve plaque, heal the endothelium (the inner lining of all our capillaries, arteries, etc) vasodilate all the vessels and prevents the oxidation of LDL. Keeping the blood vessels healthy and clear ensures that the heart is under no extra pressure. Blood pressure is normalised and nutritional exchange can occur to every cell of the body allowing the body can heal. This has a profound effect on all the organs and joints of the body.
As well as the blood vessels Nitric Oxide is also produced in other areas in the body: 

In the gut, Nitric Oxide enhances intestinal function and prevents obstipation (an extreme form of constipation).
In the airway system, Ntric Oxide helps keep air flowing freely to the lungs.
In the brain and nervous system, Nitric Oxide decreases pain sensation and  contributes to good memory formation.

By enhancing Nitric Oxide production, L-arginine is able to positively promote all of these effects. Thus, it is no wonder that such a huge diversity of organ functions are positively affected by L-arginine supplementation. Indeed, people with all different kinds of health concerns have reported improvements in their health status while on regular L-arginine supplementation.

None of the above benefits can be achieved if L-arginine levels in blood are not elevated above “normal” for 24/7. Only combinations of L-arginine with L-citrulline have the biological potential to achieve this goal, and only ProArgi9+ has been scientifically confirmed to do this.

Pro Argi-9+ contains L-citrulline, Vitamins C, D, B6, B12, K2 and folic acid.  It is the synergy of the ingredients that gives it such profound benefits and why it is being patented.
Pro Argi-9+  is used by professional athletes, people that are looking to maintain the best health possible and those that are very sick. 

‘The power of ProArgi-9+ is in the quality and science that come with its ingredients. Some people may call it a wonder, but I call it the science behind L-arginine’. Prof Rainer Boger

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