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Health Coaching Testimonials

Kind words from some of our many happy clients

"Suddenly everything made sense... Helen's knowledge, experience and support has made a huge difference to my way of living, my weight and my life. I no longer obsess about food, I have plenty of energy and am back to wearing size 10 clothes. What a relief... especially as I don't have to 'diet' anymore."

- J Hammer

"When I went to see Helen I had been struggling with stress and was keen to learn what I could do to avoid more in future. Helen has a lovely manner, taking care to question, listen and enquire. She made insightful suggestions and observations which gave me a new viewpoint and different perspectives. Helen guided me through a wonderful visualisation at the end, using information from my life to make it relevant and personal - she even sent it to me afterwards to use at home. Brilliant! Amazing what a difference one session has made to my continued ability to better handle stress"

- E Bridge

"I decided to see Helen when I was told by the doctor that I was pre-diabetic and needed to lose weight. At the time I was also suffering with stress and anxiety as I was in a difficult position at work. My children had just left home and I felt both very stuck, yet also that everything was changing but beyond my control. During the sessions with Helen, we looked at how I was spending my time, and came up with strategies of creating more pleasure time for ‘me’. I have begun to play the guitar and now go on daily walks which I love. These activities are my 'treats' and I no longer use food to 'reward' myself. I have lost two stone and my blood sugar levels are normal. Seeing Helen meant that I could explore and try out different strategies with someone whom I knew would maintain confidentiality, was nonjudgmental, empathetic and positively ‘rooting’ for me. I have learnt many relaxation strategies and no longer get panic attacks or feel overwhelmed with anxiety. I feel in control of my health and happiness and can’t thank Helen enough. These things are priceless."

- Susan from Lewes

"Despite being on anti-depressants for over ten years when I couldn’t even feel any joy at my own daughter’s wedding, I knew I needed more than just tablets. I am so, so grateful to have met Helen. I am now off my anti-depressants and feel joyful again. Helen gave me the space, time and support to talk and explore what was really going on with no judgement. Over the weeks, we looked at all aspects of my life. I have changed my diet and started new hobbies. I genuinely look and feel better then I have in the last ten years. It feels like my life is just beginning again. I can’t recommend Helen highly enough. If you want to change how you feel and be completely supported during the process, then Helen is your go-to lady."

- Kirsty from Hastings

"I saw Helen because I wanted to lose weight which I did and I am pleased to say am still losing weight. After each session, I felt more and more empowered and aware and it is this awareness that has helped me the most. Helen is so supportive and positive and just seemed to 'get me' and understand. I am now a stone lighter and feel fantastic and in control of my health and weight. Thank you Helen."

- S Church

"When I was diagnosed with diabetes, I realised the time had come for me to seriously lose some weight and do something about my health. After speaking with Helen, I knew that she could help me. Losing weight is not rocket science yet somehow I never managed to be in the right mind set or stick to it. Working with Helen created the accountability and the direction I needed. I am no longer 'diabetic' and am at a much better weight which seems to be quite stable."

- C Henley

"I have yo-yo dieted for all my life, and never been able to maintain what feels like the ‘right’ weight for me. Working with Helen has changed my entire approach to dieting and eating. I have lost a stone and am confident that I will keep losing the rest. Over the weeks, Helen has supported me in making small changes around what and how I eat. It is not about dieting it is about making better choices that work for me. Helen’s kindness, constant support and knowledge have enabled me to finally break free from calorie counting."

- Jean from Eastbourne

"Working with Helen was an absolute revelation. I never knew that chasing a goal that is so challenging could be so exciting. Helen's kindness is like a balm for all the times I was beating myself up: having too much Coke and chocolate, irregular meals etc. The information she provides helped me understand the process better, swift my focus from loosing "x" pounds towards being healthy and happy, her calm and reassurance that I was going in the right direction every step of the way were pivotal for my end result. I am highly recommend Helen if you want to change your diet and ultimately, your life! "

- O L Hastings

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