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The Synergy Story

02 Oct 18

Founder and CEO Dan Higginson knows the power of good health for a happy life. While on a service mission, Dan fell ill and was nursed back to health by a compassionate local family.

From then on Dan knew what his life’s work would be—to build a company that helps people everywhere attain better health, grow more prosperous, and support communities in need. In 1999 Dan and some friends founded Synergy WorldWide—and his life’s work began. Dan chose the name “Synergy” because it best exemplified his vision of unity and demonstrated how people working together can make the whole stronger than the individual.

As the company expands throughout the world, people everywhere are benefiting from the Synergy opportunity and improving their lives.

Dan began his vision in Japan, one of the most difficult network marketing arenas. With great products and stellar leadership, Synergy exploded with success. It wasn’t long before Synergy caught the eye of network marketing and herbal-health giant Nature’s Sunshine. In 2000 Synergy joined forces with Nature’s Sunshine and began to grow exponentially. Today, Synergy WorldWide is in over 28 countries and fulfilling its mission to leave a legacy through offering the highest quality, scientifically proven products, providing financial freedom through innovative business opportunities, and establishing a culture of generosity and service to others.

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