Supplements to support your fitness regime

Discover how the range of Synergy Products can help you improve your performance and well being. Synergy products are designed with the athletes needs in mind. By using ingredients like chlorophyll, Synergy products regulate and rebalance the body’s natural PH levels. Keeping your body in a...

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New Year... New You ....New Opportunity

Synergy’s mission is to improve global health and prosperity. Given that poverty levels are rising and there is a global health crises the world needs these two things to happen. Synergy is ready to deliver and provides an exciting once a life time opportunity....

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The Synergy Story

Dan Higginson ..the Visionary behind Synergy...

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Latest study on Pro Argi-9+

Clinically Studied, Scientifically Validated Scientists at the Hughes Center for Research and Innovation have made several remarkable discoveries on Synergy’s ProArgi-9+ formula, showing that ProArgi-9+ can do what l-arginine cannot do on its own. Following these discoveries, a provisional pat...

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Synergy Meetings

If you would like to hold a fun, informative meeting for friends/family with tasters call me on 07545 227 272 These meetings can be purely product based or include the business opportunity too ...

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Marathon Des Sables

The Sahara Desert is one of the most inhospitable places on earth. Beneath the scorching Moroccan sun, temperatures regularly soar above 50 degrees C. It is here, pelted by wind-whipped sands while fending off thirst and fatigue, that champions are forged in the seven-day, 256km Marathon des Sables...

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Dancer uses Synergy products to support her training

At 21, Synergy Team Member Harriet Rautio uprooted her life in Sweden where she had been attending dance school to move to New York City and take her dance training to a new level. Though she moved far away from her family and home in Finland, Harriet was excited to make the Broadway Dance ...

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The Hughes Centre

Synergy is proud to announce the opening of the Hughes Centre for Research and Innovation....

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Nature's Sunshine Reaffirms Commitment to Quality

LEHI, Utah, March 26th, 2015 - Nature's Sunshine Products, Inc. ("NSP"), one of the world's foremost manufacturers and distributors of premium quality health supplements in the natural health and wellness markets, proudly stands behind its 42-year legacy of quality manufacturing and product excellen...

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