Business Testimonies

"Helen Prosper is the owner of Prosper with Synergy, she is a very professional, kind and inspirational lady. She is an excellent speaker, delivering quality information in a creative manner. Helen is also a natural leader, working alongside her team and supporting each person a unique way."

M Barbier

"Amazing lady, whose passion and knowledge of healthy living is infectious."

Tony R

"Fabulous business, perfected by the equally fabulous Helen Prosper. Helen is incredibly passionate about Synergy which is infectious. She is also passionate about people and people's health. Undeniably a perfect match! Thank you for your wonderful support. "

Kim R

"What an amazing lady! I have ´known Helen now for just over a year and the support and help -ALWAYS with a big smile - is outstanding. Helen truly cares and is passionate about making the world a better place. "

Julia R

"Helen Prosper is the most amazing woman. So strong and is genuinely passionate about sharing the amazingly benefits of synergy."

Arabella H

"Great to have made contact with Helen at Prosper with Synergy. Very helpful with information and always a happy voice to speak to on the phone. Even without Synergy it is just good to chat. Synergy product is working as well."


"Highly recommend sitting down with Helen for a chat about how Synergy can help. She is full of advice and tips and no pressure is put on you to buy unless you are 100% comfortable with what you are doing. She was really helpful in finding out ingredients for a friend with cancer to ensure nothing compromised her treatment. A great product too which will leave you feeling so much healthier."

Sarah DL

"Helen is so helpful and very knowledgeable about her products. My order was dealt with very efficiently. I am extremely happy with the service and the products received. I would definitely recommend Prosper with Synergy."

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